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Humanize LLC believes by seeing the humanity in individuals putting the human experience at the forefront, and embracing complexities, our clients will refashion the way they utilize creativity, enhancing authenticity, compassion, and honesty. All while paying it forward to future generations.

Are you thinking about one of Humanize's services? 

Can you identify with one of the following? 

Being a risk-taker  |  dreamer  |   rebel  |   procrastinator  |   creative  |   analytical  |   critical  |   detail-oriented  |   logical  |  dependable  |   BIPOC  |   LGBTQ+  |   relationship-oriented  |  human and flawed  |   Do you find yourself wanting to identify?

If you answered yes, I would like to explore with you.

My passion is to support individuals to creating lives of their defining, accepting what we cannot control, radically taking ownership of what is in our control, and practicing honesty, failure, and vulnerability with hopes of finding comfort in the process

Hi There, I'm Katrina Austin M.Ed. LMHC, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor from Boston

In a life full of decisions, we at Humanize support, making them feel like choices through consultation collaborations or psychotherapy sessions. 

At Humanize LLC, paying it forward is near and dear to our hearts.

At Humanize LLC, a portion of our profits will go towards Humanize Gives, creating scholarships for financially disadvantaged high school seniors looking to explore academia.