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I provide therapy via a HIPAA- compliant video platform ZOOM.

Professional Therapy in Boston, MA

Providing teletherapy to increase accessibility and convenience

My Approach

Existential therapy helps clients find creative ways to proceed and enables individuals to take responsibility for their lives. My interpretation of existential therapy focuses on life's relation, meaning, and purpose, encouraging individuals to find unique answers. Recognizing that life can be confusing and filled with obstacles, paradoxes, and obscurity, awareness of life's conditions can offer clients a new perspective when they feel stuck. In addition, by exploring their values and beliefs, clients can gain a deeper understanding of their experiences and find the strength to move forward.

The main benefit of this therapy is the unconditional positive regard, and acceptance one receives from their therapist. It allows people to feel welcomed and validated regardless of the difficulties they might face and their coping methods, whether positive, neutral, or negative. It offers equal attention to the person's past, present, and future, facilitating greater awareness and helping people develop better and more productive solutions to their problems. It helps individuals be more in touch with their concrete reality, interactions, relationships, and identity. It also promotes an individual's capacity for excellence, learning, seeking pleasure and satisfaction. This therapy is more approachable for people looking for new ways to perceive their lives. If you are philosophical-minded and think deeply regarding yourself and your choices, you want to try an approach more grounded in the philosophical aspects of thinking. In that case, this therapy might be the answer to your questions.

Individual Therapy Pricing

Initial Intake Session $200 

Individual Therapy Session $160

(38-45 minutes)

Couples Therapy

Initial Intake Session $250 

Individual Therapy Session $210

(45-55 minutes)

Fees are reviewed annually and generally increase by $5.00 for individuals and $5.00- $10.00 for couples on January 1st.
Late Cancellation/ No-Show $160

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